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With Active Release treatments and Chiropractic work as our core, we also offer additional services to build an overall holistic approach towards helping you meet your physical goals.  From weekly Core Classes to one-on-one personal training sessions we offer a variety of ways to accommodate for your busy lifestyle.  Check out our services below to learn more!



Rehab Exercises


Just coming back from an injury?  Let us help get you back up to speed!

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Personal Training


Looking for some great one-on-on training to help you reach your health and fitness goals?  Check out our Personal Training sessions.  Each session is an hour in length and happens 2-3x a week.

Core Classes


Increase your core strength through our great Core Class workshops!  Core Classes are an hour long, come in a pack of ten, and are every Tuesday from 7pm-8pm.



70% of working out is done in the kitchen; the other 30% is in the gym!  Come analyze your dietery needs, learn some great recipes, and create a healthy lifestyle that will get you to your fitness goals.  

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